I saved a kitten! :)


Amber “I don’t like cats” Davis, saved a kitten today. Yes… you heard that right.

Now guys you know I’m an AVID animal lover, and honestly as much as I want to save them all I know how impossible this task can be. On the way home from a friends house today I took a main road and came upon a kitten in the middle of the road. I swerved to miss it and immediately pulled over to shoo it out of the road. The side roads were pretty muddy from road construction and as I made my way back up a hill and got closer I noticed this kitten was not in good shape. I got almost up to it and noticed its eyes were swollen shut and extremely infected. I knew at that moment I was not leaving that road without that cat. Took about 10 minutes the poor thing could not see and was terrified because I’m sure she’s never been around people. She whined and hissed and I finally got up with her. Once in our arms she calmed down some. I started crying, it was breaking my heart. I called my friend Amanda, my cat friend, to let he know I’d be coming to get her house keys to borrow a few things. When I walked in her work I was a mess! I got her keys and went back to the pharmacy to ask about what I should do to take care of this cat until I can get her to the vet on Friday. They gave me some food and bathing instructions. We got the kitten home and bathed her gently with some baby shampoo, she was very very dirty. I hand fed her while being bathed, she didn’t like it and I don’t blame her but the food calmed her down some. Half way through the bath she was so weak she couldn’t fight us anymore. She is so skinny, I started to cry again! We ran some warm water over her eyes and with a cloth wiped away as much of the infection as we could. We were able to get both her eyes open but there is still a way to go. I made her up a decent size dish of food, not to much because I didn’t want her to overeat. Now she is sleeping cuddled up in a blanket inside her new home, a cat cage, until I get her fixed up and adopted out. She hasn’t wined in a couple of hours and has started to warm up to being around people.

I believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason and I’m so thankful I was in the right place at the right time.. had I not been I have no doubt in my mind this precious little kitten would not be with us much longer. I pray I can get her a clean bill of health at the vet and get her eyes fixed up. I hope her vision is not gone forever. I took a couple of pics of her but please remember she is in bad shape and they are not pretty.


3 responses to “I saved a kitten! :)

  1. Poor baby!…it makes me sad to know that some people really don’t care about animals…who would leave that poor baby to wonder alone?…from the looks of it he was on his own for awhile and he’s just a baby he cant survive alone!…I hope he gets better soon!…I wish I could donate to help you but I don’t have money :(…bless you for helping this kitten even though you don’t like cats 🙂

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